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Even I Am Buying Modafinil 200 Mg Online Now To Kill Sleep Issues

ModvigilOnce I entered a local medical pharmacy store to buy modafinil medications. The place was quite ambient and looked like an upmarket mall in San Francisco.

I went over the smart drugs counter where a guy of about my age was standing. He was searching something on the rack of modafinil. I wanted to buy modafinil 200 mg and there it was, on one of the rack. As I was just about to grab it, the guy caught hold of it. HE looked towards me and said, “Sorry man, this was the last pack of modafinil 200 mg.”

I retaliated and said, “No worries, I will buy another one.”

“Sorry bro, this was the last stock available. And you know what? The stocks will be refilled only after next week.”

I was like, WTF! I just went over the counter and asked if I could get my desired product as there was just one stock which was already taken. They said me the same thing that guy told me- It was the last 200 mg stock and the upcoming stock would be after a week.

I was disappointed and I came out of the store. The guy who bought my product (it was his now) called me out.

“Hey bro!”

I looked around. He came towards me and offered his this drug stock to me.
“Take this man. I just don’t want it.”

I was quite pondered and puzzled.

“Why so? You have got hold of the medicine and you’re giving it to me”

“Look here, I’m going to modafinil for sleep apnea from online stores.” And he showed me a website over his smart phone.

“What’s the cost? I will pay it to you.” I enquired.

“Bro, if you don’t mind, can I give you a suggestion?”

“Yes sure.”

“Suppose if you haven’t got this medication today, what you’d have done?”

“Well, I would have waited for at least a week till the stocks got refilled.”

“Exactly. But you would have paid the same this medicine cost at Walmart even after a week.”
Then he showed me the discount at online pharmacy store. It was a heavy discount and they also had the scheme of buying It drug without prescription. It made sense that he gave his this medicine packet to me as one week’s delivery time from online store was worth the wait due to the discounts offered.

“But, why do you buy modafinil over the counter at the first place, if you wanted to return it to someone.”

“The only drawback with online pharmacy stores is the delivery time. You get the medications delivered at least after two days. And I needed modafinil tablets very urgently. So, I prefer it over the counter. But with discounts like these, it would be foolish if I still opted for offline stores.”

Yes, it would be really foolish of me as well if I bought the medications from him. I too wanted to buy modafinil online at 2medicure.com.

He again persuaded me.

“Take this drug bro. I am buying it online.”

I had a smile on my face.

“Thanks dude. Even I’m buying this drug online now.”

He smiled and went back to the store to return the medications.

The drug which had two takers a little while ago remained on the rack alone.