Arimidex – Revolutionizing Pain into Purpose

order Arimidex onlineWhat would you expect in your 25th wedding anniversary ? A ring . A foreign tour, A romantic date. You would be shocked to know what surprise was waiting for me on my 25th wedding anniversary. It was in  December 2012 when I noticed a small lump in my right breast. Some told me that it was a benign cyst which is not a much cause of concern so I paid little heed to it as being a working women, I was running a busy schedule. But my husband insisted to pay attention to the cyst and he being a gynecologist  looked into the matter personally. I finally ended up in conducting a complete breast examination which incorporated mammography, blood tests and a biopsy. It was on the day of my 25th anniversary- the day which I had been eagerly waiting for since 7 to 8 months. We were about to cut the cake together, when suddenly I received a mail in my inbox. On going through the report my whole body went numb, I was totally blank, as the report claimed positive. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. All my dreams ,my future plans of my daughter’s marriage, my old age world tour dream with my hubby was scattered  as to me Cancer meant death sentence. I was devastated but my hubby didn’t gave up. Without further delay he performed a unilateral mastectomy surgery. Post op, I was put on various drugs but the ones which proved to be the most beneficial for me was the drug named Arimidex which you can buy generic Arimidex online.

Arimidex breast cancer prevention drug is the latest approach to deal with the agony of breast cancer. It prevents the tumor cells by imposing a block on the levels of the hormones called estrogens. The active ingredient of Arimidex, Anastrozole for breast cancer is undoubtedly a standout amongst other breast cancer medications which performs its job excellently with minimal side effects. For the utmost benefit of the drug you need to administer the medications on a regular basis daily at the same time and exactly as recommended by your specialist. During the initial phage of my treatment with the medication, I began to experience symptoms of pain in the joints and stiff joints, and I was pretty worried about it. But my husband was always there to support me, he explained me this uneasiness in the joints is just temporary as the body is coping up with the loss of estrogens due to the medication. He suggested me to do some muscle strengthening exercises after doing which, I no longer felt any kind of side effects associated with the drug.  Gradually the drug began to make me feel good, energetic and the magical combination of Arimidex breast cancer prevention along with the utmost care of my husband did just wonders for me.

Where can I buy anastrozole ?

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