Soma Pain Killer Medication Used in an Excerpt of a Literature

Buy Generic Soma 350 mg onlineHer eyes wondered for her friend. Standing outside the gates of university, she still searched for her only friend in the town of a foreign nation. She turned around to find that a very cute looking girl, dressed in all white, was waving to her. Her hands were covered with white-hand-gloves which sparkled in the evening sun. Not long ago, she was mumbling in pain. And now she looked like a princess from a fairy tale.

“Hey Emma, this side!”

Emma crossed the road swiftly. While crossing, she even made a hip pose which Farah would die to replicate. Then she came towards Farah and gave a tight hug. She smelled really good.

Farah at once caught Emma’s hand. In disgust, she asked “Hey Emma, just before Chemistry class you were like crying in pain. I told we’ll meet after college & we’ll go to Mr. Franklin. And you’ve changed the dress too?” Farah couldn’t control her exhale when she said all in a once.

Emma calmly replied, “Oh my dear friend, a lot can happen in two hours.” Winked in the left eye that made Farah more inquisitive.

“Emma, just tell me what happened in chem. class? Did you drink some chemical or something?”

“Shut up Farah! I just had painkiller. As you can see, I am all good now.”

Farah was still surprised at this two-hour-post Emma. Just two hours ago, Emma was literally sobbing because she was suffering a lot of muscle pain all over her body. Farah suggested bunking the chemistry class so that they can go to Mr. Franklin. But Farah herself was having an important lecture that day. Yu Sun Wang, the famous Filipino guest lecturer was going to take discourse for the undergrads, and Farah just did not want to miss that. When Emma said she has an important practical at the chem. class, Farah too didn’t want to miss Mr. Wang’s amazing lecture.

“See you; I’ll sharply wait at 5 at the gate.” Farah said to grumbling-in-pain Emma. She could clearly see droplets of tears on Emma’s eyelids.

“Don’t worry. I will be fine by then.” Emma went to her chemistry class in a visibly awkward way, suggesting she was clearly in mumbling pain.

Now after two hours, Emma had changed the clothes to a Halloween like costume. Full white like snow white. Sure, they were going to Kitty’s bash but Farah was going to take Emma to Mr. Franklin first. Get her treated and then together they’d land at Kitty’s place.

But Emma’s flair suggested she didn’t need to see Mr. Franklin. That what shocked Farah.

“Emma, you going to tell me how did you cure pain?” Farah was reluctant to know the secret.

“I said earlier, Farah. Painkiller drugs. I just gulped it when I entered the chem. class. Now it seemed they have worked.”

Farah didn’t believe pain killers can work like magic. She even doubted Emma whether she was really in pain or was playacting it. But she knew Emma was not such type. She intrigued further.

“Which medicine did you take? It’s complete surprise for me. And where did you change the clothes?”

“Chill Farah, one question at a time. Okay, first question. I took Soma pain killers. You know what Farah, Soma is a great muscle relaxer. It works really fast. And where did I change the clothes? In restroom. Now don’t cross question me on that.” Emma’s phone beeped and she looked way from Farah.

Showing the order details on her SMS, Emma had previously order carisoprodol online with no prescription. It showed that Emma had purchase soma online at cheap price from

Farah wanted to read more details on the phone. But Emma denied offering her phone.

Farah wanted to ask more questions about the dress-changing thing. But she quickly asked, “So what is this Soma? When did you buy these?” Keeping a one eye tab on Emma’s phone.

“Chill Farah, I am okay now. Do not go into technicalities, please. If you ever want to buy soma pills, just order this white friend of yours. She’s always at your service.” She made a bowing pose like servant.

Farah knew she is distracting the topic. She wanted to directly ask whether Michael is invited at Kitty’s bash or not. But she started digging into soma conversations.

She smirked a bit and said. “Of course, Emma. You’re the only closest friend I know here in Sedalia. If not you, then who?”

They walked together in silence for five minutes. The eerie silence had to be broken, so Emma cheerfully said like an boasting an advertisement, “Buy Generic Soma 350 mg online for treating pain” and giggled.

Farah looked boringly, “Emma, not funny. You learn about chemicals, don’t try advertising stuff at all. You are good at chemical reactions. Not in advertising.” She mocked a face towards Emma.

“Okay madam. You’re the marketing girl. You teach me how to sell? Maybe I could sell a few soma pills at Kitty’s. Jeremy will surely buy it. The rich dumb blonde.” Both of them laughed.

Farah took the Soma pills in hand. Perfected a hip pose and said with élan, “Buy Soma pills online dosages 350mg only at… Only at… Only at…” shrugged Farah, “Emma, at least complete where you bought that soma online?”

Emma said in a reflex, “I don’t know. Michael ordered.” She realized now she took Michael’s name.

Farah’s face seems visibly fallen. But she completed the advertisement drill, “Only at Micheal” She said whatever came into her mouth.

“Okay let’s go. Kitty’s waiting. We might save time as you don’t need to go to Mr. Franklin.” Said Farah bravely, but a dejected tone was apparent.

Emma realized that she should have control on her involuntary words.

She held Farah’s hand firmly and said with a smile, “Yeah my dear, let’s go.”