Fluticasone spray is Perfect Allergy Treatment For Nasal Allergy


Fluticasone is effectively used as a medical remedy for allergic reactions pertaining to nasal route and is a synthetic steroid falling under the Glucocorticoid family of medicines.  This spray’s mechanism of action is by mimicking hydrocortisone, cortisol secreted by Adrenal Glands which are the hormones occurring naturally.  At this stage it is quite difficult to state the exact mechanism of how this spray works but it is seen to possess anti-inflammatory actions. There are many chemicals, compounds and cells which are involved in the allergy causing process and Fluticasone works to benefit us by inhibiting these allergic agents.  This is not meant to be absorbed by the human blood stream but only for nasal route when sprayed into the nose it works on the nasal line to keep it clear of these allergens.  This is approved by FDA for treating conditions of allergic reactions in nasal areas leading to running nose or excessive sneezing and symptoms of common cold.  Fluticasone is a prescription medication and not to be taken without medical advice or overdosed and it comes in packs of 27.5 mcg or 250 mcg per spray.   Flucticasone is sensitive to atmospheric conditions such as; heat, moisture, light, sunlight, dust, water and extreme cold and chills.  Fluticasone propionate nasal spray should never be frozen which might lead to losing its therapeutic value and change its chemical properties. The ideal temperature of storages is 39°F to 86°F and always remember to shake well before use.  Fluctacasone is also effective for non-allergic rhinitis or running nose which is also called hay fever in the nasal lining experiences excessive swelling and as a result secretes excessive bodily fluids leading to stuffy nose and extreme discomfort.  Side effects of Fluticasone propionate are quite severe when combined with Ketoconazole and Ritonavir or medications that decrease the function of hepatic enzymes.  In pregnant women this medication might cause dangerous side effects and reactions leading to miscarriage or abnormal birth and it should be used only if very much necessary.  It is dangerous if used by feeding mothers as it can cause to contaminate breast milk and pass it on to the infant thus complicating the infant’s health.  buy Fluticasone 250 mcg nasal spray online from 2medicure.com. it should be used during lactation period only when absolutely necessary or otherwise it is better to avoid it.  The major and common side effects of this medication are vomiting, nausea, severe cough, sneezing, irritation in nasal lining, infected throat, severe headache etc.   These are only few of the side effects and other side effects cannot be ruled out as well.  It has caused some rare side effects such as; anaphylaxis, swelling on the face, itching over skin surface, rashes all over the skin etc.  This is dangerous for children as it affects their growth and could sometimes lead to bleeding per nose and nasal infections of severe type.  Some other side effects and adverse reaction associated with use of Flonase are cataract, glaucoma, fungal infection in throat and nose etc.  This spray sometimes suppresses adrenal glands due to high or even at times in normal doses which leads to impaired capability to produce natural cortisones.  Patients suffering from deficit of cortisone are the ones who badly need huge quantities of cortisones administered orally or intravenous because it helps fight stress during excessive physical activities like athletes.