Use Provigil to Make Yourself Always Alert and Vigilant

buy Provigil without prescription onlineWaking up in the morning may be difficult especially for those who do not seem to have enough sleep any time. There are areas in the brain which control sleepiness and wakefulness. In some people the chemicals in the brain are upset and the person feels excessively sleepy all day. This condition hampers daily life and is very disturbing. People suffering from sleepiness throughout the day know how frustrating it is to feel always sleepy. This happens due to disorders like narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea. Use Provigil for treat obstructive sleep apnea and cure yourself then and there.

What is Provigil?

Provigil is a nootropic drug that functions in a certain way to alter the way the brain works and settles everything that is imbalanced. It reduces the feelings of sleepiness and promotes wakefulness. Thus, when the medicine is taken the person feels awake and active. This is the function of a nootropic drug. It makes the brain more alert and increases the power of focus, concentration and attention. You are more likely to be more vigilant and attentive all day after you have taken a nootropic drug. This pills is the best nootropic drug available in the market. Buy nootropic medicine Provigil online and treat yourself in an energetic way.


Provigil drug must be taken in the right dosage for the right effect. The dosage differs according to the cause it is given for and also varies from person to person. You must consult a doctor before taking this pills to know about the right dosage for you. There are various factors, including age, medical condition, rate of metabolism, general health and response that determine the dosage for a person.

In case of narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea the maximum recommended dosage for patients is 200mg. It is taken orally in the morning. It helps the person to be awake and alert all day long. The person can again fall asleep normally at night. The constant drowsiness and fatigue during the day will not trouble the person. The person should not increase or decrease the doses without consulting a doctor.

People with shift work sleep disorder are also given a maximum dosage of 200mg but it is taken one hour before the shift begins. In this case it helps to change the functioning of the body clock which functions in its own way. The medicine when taken one hour before the shift begins helps to promote wakefulness and does not let the person feel sleepy at all. This is really beneficial as in shift works people need to be always extra alert and vigilant.

People with hepatic impairment are given half dosage of what is recommended for normal patients as the tolerance level for these patients is really low. In geriatric patients also the dosage should be kept low to avoid health risks and complications.


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