Glaucoma Patients can Heave a sigh of Relief because of Bimatoprost

buy Latisse eye dropBimatoprost ophthalmic solution was suggested to me by my grandson. I was suffering from increased ocular pressure that had made me a patient of chronic glaucoma. I had to rely on someone else to read my morning newspaper. Because of all such issues, my grandson placed an order Bimatoprost online from He explained me its effects and asked me to start using it. It was possible to buy Bimatoprost even though I had no prescription for it.

Generic Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03% is a drug belonging to the class of prostaglandin analogues. It can be used in combination with many other drugs that reduce ocular pressure. You just have to keep in mind that those drugs should be used 5 minutes apart. You do not need to wander through brick and mortar stores pondering over where can I buy generic Latisse. Cheap Bimatoprost is available on World Wide Web in the pharmacy stores. The effect is seen after four hours of application. Half life is reached in around 45 minutes. Peak level is reached in eight to twelve hours. It is absorbed through the cornea. It is converted into free acid form through hydrolyzation. Protein binding is 88% and it is moderately distributed into the tissues of the body.

While using generic name of Latisse, the patient should be asked to tilt back a little. One or two drops should then be instilled in both the eyes with the help of clean dropper. The patient should not blink his eyes. He should gently close his eyes for around 60 to 120 seconds. Make sure that the dropper stays free from contamination. This product is suitable for use only in patients who have open angle glaucoma. Closed angle glaucoma is a contraindication to Bimatoprost.

It can also be used in patients who have insufficiently long eyelashes or hypotrichosis. It should be applied at the base of the eyelashes once or twice regularly for around eight to sixteen weeks. It takes a lot of patience. You have to apply it every day for the desired effects. One of the contents of Bimatoprost is Benzalkonium Chloride. This substance can be absorbed by soft contact lenses. Hence, it should be used only after removal of contact lenses. The lenses should be reinserted 15 minutes after usage. Makeup should be removed before the usage of this formulation. The patient’s face should be clean and sterile applicator should be used for each eye. It should be disposed after use.

Side effects that can be seen with Bimatoprost application are as follows.

Local effects are conjunctival hyperemia, ocular pigment changes, visual disturbance, foreign body sensitivity, blepharitis, cataract, superficial punctuate keratitis, hyperpigmentation of the periocular skin, eyelash darkening, photophobia, macular edema and iritis.

Miscellaneous side effects include influenza, upper respiratory tract infection, headache, hirsutism and asthenia.

Some drugs can lower the effect of Bimatoprost when used simultaneously. It is advisable to take the doctor’s advice if you are using any other eye drops along with this. Liver function tests should be carried out every now and then. The patient’s ocular pressure should be regularly monitored.