Freeze the filthy fluids on their place and melt down with Latisse

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Occurrence of an incident in one’s life is that thing which changes the true meaning of everything. I had once been in this situation but I might think lucky or blessed that I was able to be cured. Hello I am Medeline and this story is a true part of my life.

I was only three months pregnant when I was getting some blurry visions. Firstly I thought that it is because may be I am pregnant that is why. Once while speaking to my mother over phone I told her about my condition and she said Is should visit an eye doctor. As these were not the symptoms of pregnancy and she is well experienced as I am her child.

I told it to my husband and appointment was set. With the entire examination procedure doctor told that I was suffering from glaucoma. The doctor showed that my eyes were being filled with fluids and a white covering can be easily seen. The doctor also told that it had to be cured otherwise I could fall into complete blindness.

I was three months pregnant and not able to see the face of the child whom I will give birth to. It was the most horrible nightmares of my life. I started to cry at that very moment and my husband was holding me. The doctor told that it is a very common eye problem and a cure is also available. I don’t have to go through any kind of surgery or laser operations. He suggested my husband to buy generic Latisse for treatment of glaucoma. It was an eye drop serum and not an oral medication. It won’t be affecting the baby in my womb and as only processes in eyes.

A sign of hope was enlightened in my mind as there is a possibility of not to lose the eyesight. Yes I could believe that I would be able to see the face of my first born baby. I told my husband for Latisse generic buy and we should get it early. We left the doctor clinic and headed towards our home. I was still worried if the serum won’t work then, but still I have to try it.

My husband started to look for buy Latisse online pharmacy over the Internet. As we know that buying medications online saves much and we don’t have to search for it everywhere. Finally hubby got Latisse online sale on and ordered it at that time only. I started to use the serum from that time as per doctors’ advice and I had to only apply it once it a day at a particular time only.

In the coming next month, I continuously applied it regularly. After two more months the blurry vision was diminished and I was able to see more clearly. This serum was actually working for me. That time I was 5 months pregnant and I knew that before giving birth I would be able to see more clearly.

When I gave birth to handsome boy I was delighted to see his face, touch his hands and face. It is all because of Latisse that I was able to see the lovely face of my infant. My husband says that my eyes and resemble my son.

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