Introducing the most amazing wakefulness promoting medicine Provigil

Provigil 200mg order onlineIt was my usual routine to commute via train for my work. One fine day, I was returning from work and I have no clue when did I doze off. I missed the station I had to get down on. When I woke up, I was already three stations away from my actual stop. This did not happen just once. It happened time and again. Even at work place, I would stealthily take a chance to sleep. I even got caught so many times by my senior colleagues. This problem was really getting on my nerves. I consulted a doctor for this. He examined me thoroughly and told me that I had narcolepsy because of which excessive daytime sleepiness ensues. I was prescribed Provigil by him. He explained me that this nootropic medicine is a non amphetamine medicine that would help me stay awake and focused. I thought to purchase Provigil online from as it would get me some great discount too. You can even buy Provigil if you have no prescription.

I started using 100 mg Provigil in the beginning. Within three days, I increased the dosage to 150 mg. I can certainly vouch on this product by the effects it gave me. Modafinil is the pharmacological name for this sleep apnea pill. It is approved by Food and Drug Administration exclusively for the treatment of narcolepsy. Despite this fact, it is used by people having fatigue, fibromyalgia and major depression. This off-label use is a matter of significant controversy that warrants authentic researches.

How does Modafinil work to promote wakefulness is still a dubious concept. It is said to work like sympathomimetic drugs like amphetamine and methylphenidate. However, their pharmacological profiles are remarkably different. This sleep apnea pill is rapidly absorbed and the peak plasma level is reached in two to four hours. Food retards the absorption of this sleeping apnea pill by 1 to 2 hours. Liver metabolizes the medicine and it is consequently excreted through renal pathway. Apart from narcolepsy, this pill is also used as a psycho stimulant in pediatric patients who have attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome. At the outset, children are administered a morning dose to compare their performance at school from morning to midday. Occurrence of rebound symptoms like excitability and over talkativeness can be noticed when the dosage is withdrawn or reduced. These symptoms also begin about five hours after the last dose is given. It is very essential that the treatment is not stopped abruptly particularly when the dosage is quite high. It can lead to rebound effects that may go on for many days.

It is very important to use this nootropic and reinforcing drug judiciously so that you do not have to experience any adverse effects. Chronic fatigue syndrome can also be treated with this pill as it boosts the energy levels to a great extent. If you are suffering from any such sleep disorders and you are planning to buy Provigil online, take into consideration the fact that you should not drive and operate heavy machinery while using the medicine. You can purchase Provigil online from the pharmacy stores according to your dosage requirement. Even if your dosage is 100 mg, you can order Provigil 200 mg online as the medicine can be cut into half quite easily. This pill is worked great wonders on my narcoleptic condition and gave me a more confident and exuberant personality.