Information before you going to use either Armodafinil or Wakler

armodafinil 150 mg tablet

•    Amazing pills which keeps one awake.

The amazing pills that are used my many people to keep them awake are the Armodafinil pills and Waklert pills. When I was first knew which medication to be taken for my sleep disorder problem. it was a bit confusing as both of these pills are working to their best, And I can use both the pills at the same time. I had also gone through some research about the properties of both the medications. I was more confused to find that both same the share properties. Only the balancing of the chemicals is different in both the medication. I was ready to try these pills and I started to plan out which pill to be used first. I should maintain at least 1 week gap before trying the other pill. I wanted to recommend the pills to my friends, and I wanted to be sure which pill is the best.  I made my mind to order them online because it is easy to get them, as there is no prescription required. It is home delivered and much online pharmacies are a better source to get them.

•    Experience with Armodafinil tablets.

The first medication I went to buy Armodafinil online. Why I bought this first? The answer is simple, I went through alphabetical order. I took the pill with the breakfast for a whole week. I didn’t change my breakfast routine, as I have to know if it works same for everyday. Yes I was awake for a longer time and this pill for working great for me. There were few side effects which I was going through. I used Armodafinil 150 mg for my start as this is the recommended dosage for my age group. Few of the symptoms were the usually headaches and the dryness of my mouth. But the day time sleep disorder problem was under my control.

•    Experience with Waklert pills.

The second one I had already gone to buy Waklert tablet. I went to the same routine of consuming the pill with the usual breakfast. This pill was also working amazingly well for me; I was well alive in my working hours. The 150 mg dosage Waklert for sleep apnea was is the right choice to examine. The outcome of the side effects was same. I wasn’t sure that what to do about the side effects, as it was also causing a much of the problem.

•    Solving the side effects.

I was a bit worried that I should go to order Waklert online or the Armodafinil. As the both pills were better in their class. I still got one thing that with the positive sides of the pill, how to deal with the negative side effects. These common side effects were to be taken c are first. The chewing of gum was the great idea to solve the dry mouth problem. When I reached my home I always used to come with a headache, a shower is the best remedy for this. Both of these pills were working well, it is just that Armodafinil has more dosage options and Waklert tablets have few.

Two of the best used medication to be awake is the Armodafinil and the Waklert tablets. These pills are easily available at the online pharmacy stores.