Armodafinil Is Now Available With The Brand Name Of Waklert

waklertWaklert is the brand alternative to Nuvigil, produced by Sun Pharmaceuticals based in Mumbai, India. People in that part of the world know the drug armodafinil only by this name. sleep apnea pills is one of the most trusted and effective psycho-stimulants around the globe. It is a wakefulness-promoting drug, which works by altering the nature of working of the neurotransmitters and treats sleeping disorders associated with diseases like, obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, “atypical” depression, weight loss, neurological fatigue and Parkinson’s disease. Hence, the people of the Indian sub-continent especially India, have the provision to buy waklert online if they want to be treated with armodafinil. To know in details about this drug, search for waklert online.

The dosage of sleep apnea pills is almost same to that of Nuvigil or Artvigil, all the three being various brands of armodafinil. Usually one waklert 150 mg is prescribed to consume either at the beginning of the day or afternoon. If you are suffering from shift work sleep disorder, you should swallow one pill before the start of your shift. Dosages up to 300 mg a day or 150 mg taken twice have been well tolerated. This increased dosage benefited some while others showed no marked change in their reactions to the drug beyond a certain level of dosage. This drug is non-addictive and has pretty minimum side effects. Clinical studies have proved that subjection of a person to the long-term treatment with this drug have incurred little harm for the patient.

Besides India, this drug is very popular in Australia as well. The Australians do not usually prefer to buy nuvigil or artvigil if they are willing to consume armodafinil. They always go for the cheaper alternative. Out of the various generic versions and less popular brands armodafinil Australia is mostly comprises of the brand waklert. This India based company has been quite successful in extending its market into a developed country like Australia. In a market where heavyweight brands like Nuvigil and Artvigil rule, the establishment of a market by such a comparatively small company could not have been very easy. I think, the cheaper yet genuine drugs did it for Sun Pharmaceuticals.

Garry, an India friend of mine, was in serious need of something that might see him through his entire working shift. He worked in an American BPO company and had to take calls the entire night. He could hardly keep himself straight the entire night in spite of sleeping throughout the day. The doctor diagnosed him to be suffering from shift work sleep disorder. He prescribed Garry sleep apnea pills. Garry searched the internet for armodafinil tablets and found out about brands like Nuvigil and Artvigil. The lack of availability of this drug in his area and the price of it bothered him. One day while we were chatting over the internet, I came to know about his situation. I was quite surprised to know that even Indian doctors were unaware about the availability of sleep apnea pills in their country. I told him that he had two options. He could either go for sleeping disorder treatment at or buy cheap Waklert armodafinil tablets from his country. He chose to do the latter and now he is completely cured of his ailment.

The days of worrying over the price of expensive armodafinil tablets are over. Buy Waklert, both in India and Australia.