The Nerves Stimulating Wonder Provigil Falls Prey To Much Controversy

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Most of us are used to seeing happy faces among the consumers of provigil. This drug hardly went wrong, and has minimal side effects. It is one of the leading vigilance-promoting drugs around the globe. It has been found most successful in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, Parkinson’s disease and bipolar disorder. It keeps your two eyelids ajar like nothing else. What’s more, there is nothing like the provigil prescription cost. One can get provigil prescription online absolutely free; unlike other drugs where one has to run to the doctor, get himself diagnosed and pay the doctor his fees (which in turn becomes the cost of the prescription). If you are willing to know about provigil without visiting a doctor, you can do so by checking about it online. One can get all dosage related information about this drug online and can well place his or her provigil order online.

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me, “why is provigil 200 mg used for?” To all of you on the other side of the screen who has this same question in their mind, I would say: this medicine 200 mg is used for a variety of reasons. Most people use it for medicinal purposes. It is very effective in treating various sleep related disorders. However, given this drug’s extraordinary keeping awake ability, many success-minded people and students use this drug to enhance their cognitive performance in their daily life. A person consuming this drug for the aforementioned reason should be pretty conscious about his consumption not bordering on abuse. This drug can help in increasing focus on a subject. Hence, one can buy this drug to improve concentration at If you want to buy provigil online, is the place for you.

In an American college newspaper named ‘The Dartmouth’ an article was published named “New sleep drug Provigil generates controversy”. This article talked about the various interesting events or controversies associated with the usage of the drug, provigil. It stated that unlike caffeine and amphetamine this drug affects only certain parts of the brain and not the entire central nervous system. Hence, is less effective in promoting wakefulness. However, they also stated that, like the effect, the side effects of this drug are also less like headache and insomnia. According to them, Cephalon, the producing company of Provigil allegedly urged many doctors to prescribe their drug to the patients. An activity that might encourage irresponsible prescriptions for non-approved uses. However, on the positive side, they also said that this drug does not need a “rebound sleep” like most other nerve stimulants. Though this drug is FDA approved, they argued that this drug might still be harmful for its users. They have cited similar instances for this. According to them, this drug can be most utilized if the soldiers, truck drivers and pilots use it; people who need most alertness. This drug was actually approved by both the Canadian and US governments to be used by the soldiers and more specially pilots for a better cognitive experience.

In spite of all the controversies, this medicine still stands as the world’s most effective vigilance-promoting agent.