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The panacea for almost all types of sleeping problems is now available more easily than it was ever before. Both manually and online, you will find provigil for sale. This wakefulness-promoting drug can be had from both the local medical stores and the online pharmacies. A smart and alert customer shall always tally the price and quality of the drug before purchasing it from anywhere. Although the local drug stores can allure you with their cheap provigil business cries, the chances of that drug being fake or unoriginal are maximum. Similarly, if you buy provigil online pharmacy sold; first, if the web store is not reputed enough they might cheat you with the same anytime, and second, chances of the drugs ever reaching its desirable place is always under question. Hence, think before you leap. First decide where and how are you gonna buy this drug then decide upon the seller.

Provigil is not a patented drug in the US but a regulated one. It means that one can be in possession of this drug but he or she shall have to buy this drug by producing a prescription. this medicine no prescription drug status is actually a myth and one have to have a doctor prescribed advice to possess and have this medication. Many international vendors of this drug might allure you with their low prices and without prescription drug selling policies. Try your level best to stay away from these transactions if you do not want to waste a few years of your life in prison.

Those who are finding it quite difficult to cope with the high price of provigil tablets might try generic provigil or modafinil. The generic versions of this drug or any drug whatsoever cost much less than their branded counterparts. However, not all companies producing the generic version of provigil can actually be trusted. The chances of those companies handing you down a fake and unreal drug in the name of a generic pill are pretty high. In these cases, genuineness of a drug is one of the first things that is violated. If you indeed want to purchase a generic version of this pill, do check the reputation of the drug provider and authenticity of the drug provided.

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