Careprost Helped My Eyelashes Grow And Built My Confidence Grow

bimatoprostBeing a blonde, I had not been blessed with long eyelashes like other girls. It always used to make me feel left out and hopeless. I was working at a corporate office and we have parties every weekend. Every weekend it would be the same story for me. I used to feel reluctant in going to the party, introducing myself to people and mixing with the rocking affluent good looking people.

One of my friends was an eye specialist. I thought of consulting her for my problem. I arranged an appointment with her and talked to her about my thin and disappearing lashes. She assured me and gave me a packaged bottle with a liquid inside. I was curious to know how that small vial could help me. She explained me how the liquid Careprost could help my eyelashes grow and beautify my eyes. The usage of Careprost involves brushing on the clear liquid like eyeliner every night before going to bed. Within two weeks, I started to notice the change and within four weeks it was visible to my colleagues too. Now, I could apply one coat of mascara and a quick crimp of the eyelash curler and look my best at every party. I felt more confident and I could be more extrovert. Seriously, this medicine is an incredible discovery of medicine.

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