Your Fight Against Sleep Waking Hours Now Has A Soldier In Provigil

provigilMany people have problem fighting sleep during working hours; there are several reasons for such quandary. Sleep disorder, stress, shift work disorder could be just few of them. Some works require serious concentration and cannot be performed under influence of sleep. People with such responsibilities cannot afford to give partial efforts; you simply cannot afford to feel sleepy.

What is Provigil?

Provigil labeled as “Viagra of the brain”, is a medicine used to enhance wakefulness among grown-ups. Provigil helps one to be fully present, fully alert and fully focused. Provigil should be taken after consultation with a recognized doctor as it may have its own not so good effects. Side effects were witnessed among few users of Provigil, one should immediately consult a doctor if side effects arise. Side effects like rash or allergic reactions may occur in few cases.

A success story

Jerry was a software developer and his work included coding for several hours at a stretch. To aggravate his tough schedule he had to travel across several countries for meeting clients and discussing their needs. Most of the days he would fly for long hours then meet his clients and then return the same day. Such taxing travels kept him away from regular sleep resulting in deterioration in his work. On days when he would not travel he had to sit in front of the computer for even as long as 12 hours. Overall he started feeling miserable and even contemplated looking for alternate career. This was however not easy as he had put in many years of hard work to attain this position. He took a couple of days off after discussing his problem with his boss but the rest worked for very short time, soon after he resumed work the fatigue started setting in again. He was aghast and didn’t know how to cope up with this situation.

It was during one such business travel that he was flying with a renowned doctor. He discussed his work and the doctor immediately asked him if he felt fresh and alert during his meetings. Jerry felt his concern has been rightly identified by the doctor. It was then that the doctor explained that most successful professional across the world used Provigil to eradicate the problem of sleepiness. Jerry instantly sprang into action and placed order for this medicine. He was surprised to witness the effect of This medicine. Since then Jerry uses this drug regularly and he has never faced the problem of sleepiness during his work. These days Jerry present his best performance to his clients even after 10 hours of fly and then works for another few hours before flying back to yet another destination.

 How to order Provigil?

This medicine can be purchased from most drug stores but are sold only if you have doctor’s prescription as it has several side effects. However you do not require doctor’s prescription if you buy it online from