Let Your Women Have The Best Of Her Time In The Bed With Dapoxetine

PriligySome friendships are so thick that anything and everything can be shared amongst them. Similar is my friendship with Rosy who’s my childhood buddy. Lately she had got married and shifted to a new city. However it still did not affect our friendship and we still continue to be best of friends and share almost everything in our life. Last month when she came down at my place to meet me she told me that she had some issues in her love life. I got worried and asked her to tell me about the issue in detail. She told me that her husband has premature ejaculation problem which is causing a great hindrance in their love life.I asked her not to worry as the problem is quite common and it can be resolved with effective medication. I also assured that I’ll suggest an effective medicine for husband after proper research and study. I began my work and came to know about dapoxetine drug which is a short-acting selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. I immediately informed Rosy about this drug and after few days she told me that her husband was practicing the use of dapoxetine and it helped him get control over his premature ejaculation problems.

About dapoxetine-

This medicine is an anti- depressant type of drug which enables men to tackle their premature ejaculation issue. The drug activates the serotonin content which helps men ejaculate with perfect timing and satisfy their partners. The drug should be taken at least one or two hours before you are about to make love.

Dapoxetine dosages-

It is important that you take care of the dosage of the medicine as  correct dosage of the medicine is important to enable the man get correct timing for ejaculation. Your doctor is the correct person to tell you about the dosage of the drug. Ask your doctor about the dosage of the drug and follow it religiously

Dapoxetine side effects

Like most of the medicines dapoxetine too has some side-effects. Loss of interest in love making, nausea, vomiting and weakness are some of the side-effects of using this medicine. These side-effects are quite temporary in nature. However you should not ignore them and contact your doctor if you witness any of the side-effects.

Buy dapoxetine online-

You always have the option to buy this medicine from the regular stores and shops. However in case you witness any problem while getting the medicine from regular shops or if you do not have a prescription from doctor then you can buy the medicine from the online sites as well. There are number of online sites which offer this medicine. All that you need to do is provide some basic details and make the payment online or offline. Once this is done the product will reach at your doorsteps within couple of days.

If you are a man who is facing problem in his love life due to premature ejaculation then dapoxetine is the right solution for you. The drug is easily available in the market and you can order it from the online sites as well. There are online sites and medical stores that also offer this medicine for men.