Zopiclone: The Irony Of Retiring From the Duty Of a Night Guard

ZopicloneWhen I moved to Atlanta after serving in the United States Navy for over 15 years, I took up the job of being a night guard in the nearby museum. It was not a problem for me because I was pretty much doing the same in the navy. I was a watchdog in the ship. However, soon I found a place in the local school as an assistant coach for the National defense activities. This was nice until I discovered a problem.

All day long I was very active, naturally I would tire and get to bed but as soon as I entered the bed, my eyes won’t shut. I would be awake as an owl. Darn the night jobs I would say. I started sensing that I was becoming insomniac and that would not be healthy in the long run. I visited the doctor nearby and he gave me zopiclone 7.5mg cure for insomnia. This is a sedating agent which means it is a sleeping pill. I was a little skeptical of using it because I have heard about the accidental cases of this medicine overdose which ended up being fatal. Anyways, my doctor assured it was safe as long as I was not going to buy cheap zopiclone without prescription from some unauthorised place.

I checked at a number of pharmacies in the town but most people purchase this medicine 7.5 mg dosage, so they had stock for that dosage. Out of pry I decided to buy sleeping pills in the uk at 2medicure.com. This is an authorised online pharmacy. One can buy the drug of choice on this at very reasonable prices. The shipping was free and I could get it delivered anywhere so I went ahead with my decision.

The package arrived at the end of the week. I am advised to take one pill post dinner and go to bed exactly at the same time every night. I did the same. The first few days I didn’t feel any difference but at the end of the first week, my eyes shut on its own. I didn’t need a boring book to make me fall asleep. Next morning I woke up fresh. Oh, the sweet feeling of sleeping in the night is amazing. I truly endeavour this sleeping pill. I am advised to take this pill for just 60 days and slowly I think I will be able to sleep like a baby in the night without the aid of any medicine.

Insomnia can be very tricky and one day you will never know why your health went down so bad. So, if there is any kind of obstruction in the regular night’s sleep, do get it checked and treated. Always believe “better late than never” in case of health.