Latisse eyelash serum is entitled for women’s choice for lash growth

get longer eyelashesIt should be a perfect choice when it comes to choosing the right product as your cosmetic especially for eyelashes. Though there is a growing inclination towards use of synthetic and fake eyelashes but many users have replaced it with the use of latisse 0.03% solution for getting organic and great eyelashes in no time. Wonderful eyelashes do not grow overnight. But for a real growth you need to give them a protein boost so that they grow healthy and dense. Expecting thickness and extension is right when you are using this drug originally used for glaucoma treatment that takes about a month. Eyelashes always go through 4 phases where it sprouts, grows, wears and tears and then falls off. But they grow up which is an impeccable part of its journey. Though few women may experience they never get what they expect because of over plucking, allergies and using too many synthetic cosmetics.

The effect of latisse eyelash serum is visible after the 4th week where the new follicles begin to germinate while the existing ones show increase in their sizes. Extensive use of synthetic cosmetics close the follicle ends causing them never to grow, but this product being a drug first has the capacity to open all the follicles to grow new eyelashes. Using cosmetics you are only damaging your eyelashes from its roots which are why they become loose and dry make up removal. Constantly pulling the fake eyelashes and applying them causes allergic reactions and also pulling away real eyelashes from its roots. This can also causes loose eyelids with constant pulling.

Buy generic latisse and stop pulling and sticking of synthetic products on your eyelashes. They are always burdened with a lot of damages. But this medication is not damage when you can naturally grow lashes except for a few side effects that hardly have experienced. Since it s drug, side effects are a part of it and cannot be parted from the product. Sometimes users might feel slight irritation, redness or itching because of its side effects otherwise there are no such cases reported about the medication